Cosmetics by Stephanie, Wellgel London NL | Review

Cosmetics by Stephanie, Wellgel London NL | Review

A while ago I saw a call on Instagram from a new gellac brand in the Netherlands. They were looking for new collaborations for swatching and promoting the brand Wellgel London . I decided to take the plunge and send a message. To my great surprise, I was chosen as one of the brand's new swatchers.

Wellgel London NL

Wellgel London is an all-in-one cruelty-free and vegan gel nail system.
No need for separate base or top coats, everything you need is in one bottle. This makes the application faster and easier, and you need much fewer products.
Wellgel is made from an alcohol- and solvent-free system, making this gel polish also very suitable for expectant mothers. Wellgel uses keratin to bond and nourish the natural nail, without causing damage or irritation to the skin. They have paid a lot of attention to this faster, safer, cruelty-free system where the care and quality of the nails are central to the creation of new products.

As previously indicated, this brand is new in the Netherlands. Previously you could only buy it in England. The founder of Wellgel London NL loves making nails and loves entrepreneurship. She really enjoys trying new things and therefore has a lot of experience with different gel nail polish brands. When she was given the opportunity to sell Wellgel London in the Netherlands, she seized the opportunity with both hands.

To start the collaboration, I received 3 beautiful colors a few weeks ago.
Under the sea => a beautiful orange color
Hollywood => a yellow/golden glitter
Fusion => A deep red/purple color

At first glance I thought the colors were really beautiful, and I was therefore very curious to see how these colors would look on my nails.
In addition, I was especially curious about how these polishes work, since it is not a standard gellac. With this gellac you don't need a base and top coat, because it is already included in the formula. So it is a 3 in 1 gel polish. Because you can skip the base and top coat, you can finish painting and removing the gel polish much faster.


I tested this color first as this color was perfect for the month of December (the month in which I received the gellac).
With this color I needed quite a few layers before it became opaque. After 5 thin layers you get the effect as shown in the photo above. Because it is not very opaque after 1 layer, you can also easily use it as a glitter topcoat on another color.
After 6 days I unfortunately lost 1 nail, so I decided to remove the rest as well. Removal was indeed a lot faster than with gellac where you applied a top coat. Since I haven't been using gellac for very long, I don't want to immediately blame the gellac. It's a beautiful color that I will definitely wear more often.

Under the sea

This color is my absolute favorite! What a beautiful shade of orange this is. This color was opaque even after 2 coats as you can see in the photo. In my opinion, this color can be worn at any time of the year. What also strikes me is that this gellac has a very nice shine, even though you don't use a top coat. After 7 days the shine is still as beautiful as the first day. You will often see this color on my nails this summer.


Even though this color is incredibly beautiful, I am still not very satisfied with this color. I have used this gel polish on 3 different days and ways, but unfortunately I don't like the application of this color. It takes a very long time before it becomes opaque (at least 4-5) layers. In addition, the color does not apply evenly and remains a bit 'patchy', something that often happens with dark colors. This problem is now known to the manufacturer and they are busy adjusting the formula. I will keep you informed about this via my Instagram channel.

My honest opinion

I am extremely excited about this new brand.
-> It is an innovative gel polish that consists of 3 products in 1.
-> The gellac applies very easily and thinly, actually just as easily and quickly as a regular nail polish.
-> You don't waste time applying and curing a base and top coat, so you can quickly finish your manicure.
-> Removing the nail polish is faster because you don't have to file off the top coat beforehand.
-> This gel polish is even suitable for expectant mothers!
-> A wide range of colors is available.

The gel nail polish costs approximately €14.95 and is available via in 80 different colours. A new glitter collection will be launched at the end of the month!
With the code WELLSTEPH10 you get a 10% discount on the entire range.
follow me and Wellgel London NL on Instagram to stay informed of all the news about the new glitter collection and other news.

Lots of Love, Stephanie

This article contains products I received. All reviews are not sponsored and 100% honest.