How Does Wellgel London Work?

Tutorial Made By: @LisanneLakt

Discover the secrets of a professional gel polish application with our simple and effective steps. At Gellac & More we strive to not only offer high-quality products, but also to guide you in creating beautiful nails. Follow the steps below for a perfect gel polish experience:

  1. Gently Push Back Cuticles: Start caring for your nails by gently pushing back the cuticles. Remove any skin for a neat and tidy look.

  2. File Your Nails in the Desired Shape: Give your nails the shape you want. Whether almond-shaped, square or oval, a well-filed nail is the basis for a beautiful gel polish application.

  3. Roughen the Nail Plates Lightly: Use the pink buffer block to lightly roughen the nail plates. This ensures better adhesion of the gel polish and extends the wearing time of your manicure.

  4. Optional: Use a Primer: For an even longer shelf life, you can choose to use a primer. This ensures optimal adhesion of the gel polish to the nail.

  5. Apply a Thin Coat and Cure It: Start by applying a thin layer of gel polish. Cure this layer with a UV lamp for 20 seconds. This layer acts as the base coat and provides a sturdy base.

  6. Applying Multiple Coats and Curing: Apply multiple coats of gel polish to taste. Each layer must be cured with the UV lamp for 60 seconds. For dark colors we recommend curing for 120 seconds for optimal coverage.

  7. Adjust the Curing Time If Necessary: ​​If the default curing time does not seem sufficient, adjust the time for the first coat and repeat the rest of the steps. This is how you create a sturdy and durable gel polish manicure.

By following these steps, you are assured of a beautiful and long-lasting gel polish manicure. Order your favorite colors now from Gellac & More and enjoy salon-worthy nails at home. You deserve nothing less than perfection, and we bring it straight to you.