Review of Jacqueline 1 week later, Devil in Disguise,, Wellgelllondon

Sweet ladies!

Here is my final conclusion about the (for me) new brand @wellgellondon

I have now tested this gel polish for 6 days:

First of all, I want to talk about the shine: the shine is exactly like day 1! I really didn't expect this without a topcoat 😍

Furthermore, NO damage so it stays in place very well.

To remove the gel polish:

I use the Kruidvat remover with the purple cap. (Filing in advance is not necessary because you are not using a top coat!)

This did not remove the gel polish as easily as I had hoped. After soaking for half an hour, it was largely gone, but due to the reaction with the remover and I think due to the amount of pigment in red polish, my nails were colored slightly light pink. (The discoloration will probably be a lot less with light gel polish)

The discoloration was easy to remove by lightly buffering my nails!

It was really due to the remover because I "pulled" off the gel polish on 1 nail (against all the rules) and my nail was not discolored.

Buuuut, see the photo on the right.. @gellacandmoreshop will also sell the organic remover. I haven't tested this myself yet, but I hope to do so soon. This remover should make it a lot easier to remove the gel polish.

For now I recommend a layer of base coat under the gel polish until the Wellgel remover is also available for purchase! This will probably help you remove the gel polish more easily and prevent any discoloration.

In any case, I'm a big fan 😍 and hope to show you more colors and test the remover soon!

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