Nail polish without Toxic substances, Nail polish without Harmful substances

Gel nail polish without chemicals.

Gel nails can be admired on many hands these days, the long-lasting alternative to nail polish can be found everywhere. Now there is a gel nail polish system that is perfect to make your gel nail dreams come true! Introducing Well Gel London!

Wellgel London: The Safe and Organic Alternative.

Wellgel London nail polishes are 100% free of toxic substances and also free of solvents. There is almost no odor during use, so there is no need to wear a mask because no toxic fumes are released during application. Using a UV curing lamp, this nail polish hardens in 60 seconds and takes just 6 minutes to remove! Super fast, easy and can give you beautiful colored nails for up to 4 weeks without fading or scratching. Unlike most other nail polishes, these gel polishes contain keratin proteins that help nourish and strengthen your nail for the life of your gel nail! Because they are made from mainly natural ingredients, unlike many other gel nail systems, these are completely safe for expectant mothers!

Hypoallergenic Gel Nail Polish System

In addition, you may be allergic to one of the chemical ingredients of gel nail polish. Then you have also come to the right place. Because the effect and composition are different from conventional gel polish systems, and our ingredients are completely organic, this nail polish can in most cases be used by people with allergic reactions to "chemical" nail polish.

Create a safe workplace without odors and toxic fumes and use Wellgel London. Why would you use toxic substances when you don't have to?